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Friends Only... mostly

Friends Only

Friending Policy

I like to add people who are at least 21+ I feel weird having kids younger then that on my FL although the ones I do have are pretty awesome and don't type like iDi0tS. I like us to have something in common and request you comment every once in awhile. If you never comment on anything then don't bother because even if you say you read it I never believe it. If you defriend me then I will defriend you as well and won't make any effort to be friends from then on out. I tend to be more politically Liberal, I don't care if you agree with me, hell I'm from Georgia I'm use to it, but if you can't hold a decent respectful conversation about your views and display constant ignorance about views you don't share then keep on moving, I get enough of it in daily life I don't need it online.


I will keep having public entries but anything remotely personal will be friends only. So wedding, cosplay, daily life will most likely be under a friends lock while big public announcements or just stuff I want to share will be public.

If you just decide to add me w/o a comment I will assume you only want to see my public stuff which is infrequent

So comment if you want to be added


Adam and I featured on Convention Fans!

Adam and I were interviewed by Kelly who runs the daily blog Convention Fans, which is a pretty good daily blog, I follow her on twitter and often read her blog so check it out.

Check out the Interview here!

Starting to upload photos

I took over 100 photos for Momocon and just started uploading the first batch. Check them out. I'll work on my con review this weekend.


Ryoga Shirt and Pants 95% done

Todo lists for me

Ryoga Checklist
Bandanna Painting (doing at lunch tomorrow)
Thread Elastic through waistband
Add stitching to shirt
Find black waist tie

Ukyos Checklist
Sew Shirt and Line
Make Hairbow (man I wish my mom was here she makes the best looking bows)
Fluff up wig bangs
Find black waist tie


I should be doing dishes BUT!!!!!!

Ryoga's pants are finished. Just need to get Adam to string the elastic through the waistband and that's it :D I should be doing dishes and getting ready to go back to Augusta tomorrow but I wanted to post this photo.

pchan why are you in ryogas pants


I got tagged by pyrrhic_victoly

♠ Choose a singer/band/group
♠ Answer using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group
♠ Tag 7 more people.(I added 1 :D)

I tag:
valkyrie_tears queenship ruscherly
mint itsmyjabberwock nyx

Prease to be feeling free for to not doing meme. No pressure, peeps.

Singer/Band/Group: We Are Scientists

1. Are you male or female?
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

2. Describe yourself.
Off the Wall

3. What do people feel when they're around you?
Whatever You Got, I Want

4. How would you describe your previous relationship?
Who Is It

5. Describe your current relationship
I Just Can't Stop Loving You

6. Where would you want to be now?
(Adam) I Wanna Be Where You Are

7. How do you feel about love?
I Am Love

8. What's your life like?
Maybe Tomorrow

9. What would you ask for if you had only one wish?
Sugar Daddy

10. Say something wise.
They Don't Care About Us


Haruhi Photos

The other day I took some photos of my Haruhi Pinky:St in the Garden in my parents front yard. Here are some teaser images, enjoy.

( Check out the rest here)

Oh My God this was so good!

Yesterday I tried out my domestic engineer side. I gave my second shot at Lasagna, I learned from the first one which was good but still could have used some improvements. The one I made yesterday was almost perfect. The only imperfection was that I had put cheese on the top but I had also covered the dish when cooking so the cheese didn't turn that golden color. Other then that it was perfect, The noodles where soft, the meat and cheese melted perfectly. We had a Salad and Italian Bread. It was such a perfect meal. I had the leftovers today and it was beyond yummy.

I'm getting the hang of using Ricotta Cheese. I use to hate it because every time someone served me something with Ricotta it was just clumps of Ricotta. I found a way of making it so I don't have that awful clumpy taste and you still get all the flavor.

It was beyond yummy. Everyone ate it up like crazy. I feel like I am getting much much better at cooking. Next Challenge is getting Spaghetti Carbonara right.

( Click Here for more photos )

Cosplay Lovers

Apparently that's Adam and I.

Adam and I got featured on a cosplay blog site as Cosplay Lovers o0o. I actually blogged about it on my site. I emailed Alice back because she listed me with the wrong name ><;, I think she got confused by the video. But she says some really nice things. So check out my blog to see the article by Cosplayclasses.com.

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