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It's a Love Story

and I said Yes

Livvy Love
5 July
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Stats ✿•.

.•° Name: Livvy
.•° Birthday: July 5
.•° Birthplace: Mons, Belgium
.•° Hometown: Augusta, GA
.•° Blood Type: A+
.•° Personality: HOT AND SPICY!
.•° Height: 175cm
.•° Career: Web Developer
.•° Hobbies: Cosplay, web design, trains, bossing around my boyfriend
.•° Favorite Food/Drink: Bacalhau, fresh fruit, stringy-cheese

About ✿•.

Well I go by Livvy online. A few close friends know my real name and I want to keep it that way. My official job title is Web Developer, SR. My hobbies include web design, cosplay, Nintendo Games and Trains. I am engaged to the most wonderful man ever and I am excited to Marry him. In my journal I post about apartment life, cosplay, wedding stuff, and just random posts. My journal is mostly friends only with only a few public post which often are to show updates to my site.



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